Our Work

New campaign development for children in need

The Challenge
Variety, the Children’s Charity has a successful history as an events-based organisation. Whilst its events had incrementally grown, the organisation was concerned about diversifying its funding base and preparing for the future needs of children with special needs.

The Outcome
Social Money Solutions developed a plan which aimed to build relationships with those already committed to the charity, whilst introducing new methodologies that were “on brand” and required minimal investment. In addition to facilitating the establishment of a comprehensive database system, donor care processes and attracting significant grant and corporate support, we introduced radio appeals, direct marketing and strategic community initiatives that acquired hundreds of new donors, raised over $300,000 and achieved over $600,000 worth of media coverage.

Thank you Social Money Solutions for your support and direction. You have taken Variety Queensland on a journey that was quite foreign to us and put us in a position that we can now move more knowledgeably and confidentially into the more traditional areas of fundraising that are on our doorstep. Variety’s traditional method of fundraising has been events based and this will certainly continue into the future but now, thanks to Social Money Solutions, we have embraced the areas of direct mail, bequests, workplace giving, regular giving and much more under your guidance.”

Les Riley
Chief Executive Officer
Variety Queensland

Facilitating career confidence for people who are deaf

The Challenge
Our client was a lead agency supporting people who are deaf or with hearing loss. Social Money Solutions was engaged to investigate the barriers to sustainable employment for the deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired who want to be employed; and to identify ways which could positively impact on reducing barriers and influencing positive outcomes.

The Outcome
After developing a staged approach to tackling this issue, Social Money Solutions focussed efforts on identifying where the client may be able to have a positive impact given their limited budget and timeframe.

A study of available services, coupled with a literature search and research with sector agencies, disability employment agencies and consumers was conducted to identify effective solutions and gaps in service provision. Social Money Solutions presented the client with a number of ‘facilitator vs provider’ options for consideration that could make a meaningful impact on the need for support in achieving sustainable employment for people in the sector.

Career confidence mentoring with intervention before the completion of high school was identified as a key evidence-based and influential solution. As a result, our client has invested in facilitating the national growth of a small NFP that was already making life-changing impacts for young people who are deaf or with hearing loss. Hundreds of young people are already benefiting from this investment, with our client’s support continuing to enable exponential growth of the service utilising technological communication strategies to reach young people with hearing loss in regional and rural Australia.


Helping companies invest their CSR dollars for maximum impact

The Challenge
Like most companies, the Milton office of RBS Morgans Limited is regularly approached by charities seeking philanthropic support.  RBS Morgans sought advice from Social Money Solutions as to the most effective and impactful way they could invest their charity donations.

The Outcome
After meeting with staff and determining the budget, Social Money Solutions developed a plan for RBS Morgans that identified a local charity which would greatly benefit from an investment of that size. The charity partner was selected based on affinity with RBS Morgans’ staff and included opportunities for ongoing staff engagement. The donation has made a real and lasting difference to the charity, and the relationship with RBS Morgans has continued to mutual benefit.

“Thank you Social Money Solutions for your advice and expertise in helping us maximise the impact of our charity dollars. We wanted to be more strategic in our giving, and your guidance has enabled us to achieve that.”

John Palmer
RBS Morgans Ltd

Sick children benefit from new processes

The Challenge
The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation required support in developing a strategic marketing plan that integrated its fundraising goals with the organisation’s strategic plan. Despite its fundraising success and being a top-of-mind brand with committed staff, the planning process identified opportunities to improve campaign development processes and integrate marketing throughout the organisation.

The Outcome
Social Money Solutions consulted with staff and introduced a new business planning model which built in the requirement for divisional representatives to be engaged with at the initial planning stage of campaigns. This new process provided buy-in for all related divisions at the first stage of a new campaign process. As a result, potential barriers to developing creative opportunities and overcoming logistical and marketing issues were identified. Team consultation improved, and the donor relationship development and logistical complexities of new campaigns were identified and understood by all relevant teams at the outset. In turn, more opportunities were uncovered in a timely way and fundraising results increased.

Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation


Planned growth to achieve success for the blind

The Challenge
Royal Blind Foundation was formed following the amalgamation of five small blindness agencies. Fundraising was limited to a mail out to 300 donors, and there was a significant deficit for the organisation following the merger.

The Outcome
Tanya Hundloe had been appointed Fundraising Manager and set about developing key assets for attracting funding to meet short term revenue needs and increase Board confidence in the role of fundraising for the future of the organisation. Implementing the strategic fundraising plan Tanya developed for the organisation led to the successful acquisition of corporate support, community fundraising and grants. This encouraged the Board to invest in further development of the annual donor development program including direct mail, telemarketing and bequests. In three years revenue reached in excess of $600,000 per annum, and within five years a $10 million capital gift was successfully achieved.

Royal Blind Foundation and current Director of Vision Australia