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Social Money Solutions is privileged to work with for purpose organisations across Australia.

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Financial Basics Foundation

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RBS Morgans Limited

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The Challenge

Financial Basics Foundation reaches thousands of teenagers with curriculum based financial literacy education. Its funding model relied on corporate partners. Despite having a extensive national reach with teachers/schools and teenage students it was not well known in the mass market and needed significant investment to upgrade its online teaching resources. Social Money Solutions was asked to assist in the development and acquisition of corporate partners to support the organisation’s projects and sustainability.

Our Approach

It was clear the organisation needed a transformational partnership that could work collaboratively to ensure the increase in reach and development of resources required for areas in dire need of support – financial literacy for young Australians. Social Money Solutions applied its corporate partnership planning process to develop a comprehensive and achievable acquisition plan. We reviewed and revalued the organisation’s proposition based on its assets, target markets, trusted positioned, connections and purpose. Social Money Solutions was retained to deliver on the acquisition plan over a period of 16 months.

The Outcome

Financial Basics Foundation secured a multi-year presenting rights sponsor which enabled the redevelopment of key infrastructure for service delivery and acquired two other sponsors resulting on a 216% increase in funding.

Helping companies invest their CSR dollars for maximum impact

The Challenge

Like most companies, the Milton office of RBS Morgans Limited is regularly approached by charities seeking philanthropic support.  RBS Morgans sought advice from Social Money Solutions as to the most effective and impactful way they could invest their charity donations.

The Outcome​

After meeting with staff and determining the budget, Social Money Solutions developed a plan for RBS Morgans that identified a local charity which would greatly benefit from an investment of that size. The charity partner was selected based on affinity with RBS Morgans’ staff and included opportunities for ongoing staff engagement. The donation has made a real and lasting difference to the charity, and the relationship with RBS Morgans has continued to mutual benefit.

“Thank you Social Money Solutions for your advice and expertise in helping us maximise the impact of our charity dollars. We wanted to be more strategic in our giving, and your guidance has enabled us to achieve that.”

John Palmer, RBS Morgans Ltd